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Hussam is an Associate Design Director at Atkins Dubai and has been with Atkins for the last11 years and has over 28 years of experience. He specializes in envisioning complex multidisciplinary projects for which his integrated design approach delivers the highest quality design solutions. His strongest point is his experience in leading large multidisciplinary design teams to deliver international and local mega projects with the main emphasis on high quality sustainable design. He has developed expertise in high rise buildings besides a wide spectrum of other building types including mixed use complexes, hotels, residential buildings, affordable housing, commercial offices, retail, museums, airports, cruise terminals, mosques, master-planning and urban design.

Dr Aris Georgopoulos's thesis argued that the creation of a European Defence Procurement Market is a necessary condition for the effectiveness and credibility of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP). Such a market requires EU action and participation of the largest possible number of Member States. Finally acknowledging that the European Defence procurement process should at least in principle be inclusive and try to address the sometimes different level of security concerns of the Member States, the thesis proposes for a three stages approach which focuses on the ways in which the integration process can gain a broader support on the part of the Member States. The thesis received the ‘Special Distinction’ as part of the Thesis Prize of the European Group of Public Law 2004.

During the Third Reich , the Nazis , led by Austrian-born Adolf Hitler , attempted to unite all the people they claimed were "Germans" ( Volksdeutsche ) under the slogan Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer ("One People, One Empire, One Leader"). This policy began in 1938 with Hitler's foreign policy Heim ins Reich ("back home to the Reich") which aimed to persuade all Germans living outside of the Reich to return "home" either as individuals or regions to a Greater Germany. [61] During the war, Heinrich Himmler who was issued with the policy of "strengthening of ethnic Germandom" created a Volksliste ("German People's List") which was used to classify all those living in the German occupied territories into different categories according to criteria by Himmler. [62] The policy of uniting all Germans included ethnic Germans in eastern Europe, [63] many of whom had emigrated more than one hundred fifty years before and developed separate cultures in their new lands. This idea was initially welcomed by many ethnic Germans in Sudetenland , [64] Austria, [65] Poland , Danzig and western Lithuania , particularly the Germans from Klaipeda (Memel). The Swiss resisted the idea. They had viewed themselves as a distinctly separate nation since the Peace of Westphalia of 1648.

Thesis uruguay sa

thesis uruguay sa


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