Thesis on yoga and meditation

i don’t know what kind of yoga teachers you are referring to, but your statement “if they were in a good state, they wouldn’t have needed to seek out yoga” is quite baffling. How do you define “being in a good state”? Often people embark on a spiritual journey precisely because they realise there is something missing in their lives: their habitual patterns of thinking, their routines, no longer work for them. Maybe they finally realised that in order to find themselves, they have to step aside. leave the rat race, ignore the calls of our materialistic society. What’s wrong with that?

Dr. Sushil Yogi was born at Rishikesh, situated in the foothills of Himalaya on the holy banks of Ganges. He is founder of this organization and high qualified yoga teacher. He is . (Doctrate) in yoga also has two years Masters Degree in yoga scienc (.), one year . Diploma in yoga, one year Diploma in Vedic Karmkand & three years . Degree from Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar, India.

He got his primary education in an Indian ancient traditional based school, this type schools called by name of Gurukulam in India. In this system students learns Indian great ancient scriptures such as Vedas, Upnishads, Bhagvat Geeta, Yogasutra & sanskrit language in their course from very begining. An important part of their daily routine work is Yoga Practice, Meditation, Yagya (Fire Ceremony) & services to their Gurus (teachers), along with the general study. Gurukulam students grows with deep experience of spiritual, mental & intellectual thinks. Sushil yogi was intrusted in yoga & spiritualism from his childhood, so after completing graduation with science (.), he decided to be a yoga teacher, then he joined full time yoga courses in Gurukul Kangri University & passed . diploma, . & . in yoga field. He joined many National, International seminars, conferences and published two research books.

Also he learnt this great tradition art of yoga & meditation with the great famous Himalayan masters such as Swami Ramdev ji, Swami Ved Bharti ji & has studied with few other westerm teachers. he did sadhana for a long time with many other yogis at holy place Gangotri, Himalaya & got great spiritual experience of life.

He started teaching yoga from 2003 in India after that he has taught yoga in USA, UK, Europe, Nepal & Japan.

He is currently living in Japan & running yoga classes regularly here, also he organizes yoga workshops, yoga retreat tours, &TTC programs in Japan, India, Europe & USA.

His yoga classes are full uplifting energy with genuine loving nature & sense of humor with a fusion yogic and modern science based knowledge.

Dr. Sushil Yogi has also worked with Niwas Mittal(5th Richest man in the World) as his personal yoga teacher & health advisor near one year in London, UK

Thesis on yoga and meditation

thesis on yoga and meditation


thesis on yoga and meditationthesis on yoga and meditationthesis on yoga and meditationthesis on yoga and meditation