Thesis on online dating

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During the height of Tinder craze, I was swayed by my friend to download it on my phone and have a go at it. The funny thing is I am based in Middle East and having Tinder doesnt help at all. But one fine day I matched with a guy and we started talking. It went too fast actually and before you know it we had our first date. He is “fine” and I had an instant liking. We went on 4 consecutive dates(yep! went all the way on the 1st date). He was leaving for a 2 month holiday. On the day prior to him leaving he mentioned that he is not sure when he will see me again – coz he lives on a different city. He did say to keep in touch. So I let him go on his holiday and bid my time. Sent him a message after over a week to say hello – he never replied back. Told myself that he might be really busy with his holidays so thats fine. Sent him a follow up message 2 weeks after the 1st message – no reply. And finally on the week that he is expected due back I sent him a message, this time he replied to it. When he came back – he was not sending messages, I sent him a message checking in on him – replied with a one liner so I decided to drop it. Coz clearly he is not into me. Then lo and behold, he suddenly sends me messages asking if I will be in town or any plans of visiting to which i told him No. Then he was being cute about wanting to see me – I gave in. Coz I really like this guy. And after a fun weekend, I dont know what to expect anymore. Honestly, I am sure the best thing is not to expect coz clearly this is more of a hookup and such. But I really like him and I dont know what to do next. :/

In the mid 1920’s when Purdue University converted from Helicon’s to Sousaphones, they went to King Sousaphones. These horns were used by the marching band in some fashion until about 5 or 10 years ago when the Sousaphone section began to maintain over 20 members, and new horns were purchased. The majority of these were 3 valve (model 1250), but there were a number of 4 valve (model 1251) and one 4 valve (model 1265). The model 1265 is the one that is called “Big Bertha” The model 1265 was the “Jumbo” Sousaphone produced by H N White Company for King. No one really knows how many of the King 1265 model sousaphones H N White made as after the company was sold in 1965 the buying company destroyed all the production records. 12

Thesis on online dating

thesis on online dating


thesis on online datingthesis on online datingthesis on online datingthesis on online dating