The overcoat thesis statement

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In all humility, I do feel concern that we Christians are so quick to call to account every difference in beliefs from our own. Jesus said the world would know us by our love for one another. We divide and destroy each other and our Christian witness with these kinds of things. IF we receive our new bodies immediately at physical death, or IF we do not, I see no need to turn that into a divisive issue. Paul said, I preach Christ. When God brings all things to fulfillment, we will all see all of the error of our beliefs. But I think the chief errors will be that we neglected to live our daily lives as close to Him as possible (love God with all our being) and we failed to obey Him by loving our brothers. (The commands that Jesus said summed up all the others.)

The overcoat thesis statement

the overcoat thesis statement


the overcoat thesis statementthe overcoat thesis statementthe overcoat thesis statementthe overcoat thesis statement