Stern essay 2

Francisco, of course, cannot be blamed for this mess. But his testimony provides a window into his beliefs about executive power—and perhaps a clue as to why he was selected. The Trump administration is already mired in scandal over the president’s multiple connections to Russia . It is not difficult to imagine Congress or a special prosecutor investigating these ties—and getting stonewalled through an assertion of executive privilege. Indeed, the Trump administration has already suggested it will invoke executive privilege to block an investigation into his travel ban. If that occurs, the issue could wind up before the Supreme Court. And if it does, Trump will have a true believer in executive privilege who is ready and willing to defend his right to secrecy.

Since joining COMPANY B, I’ve received a promotion and am currently the youngest Head of Sales within the organization. I’m constantly exposed to how IT has leapfrogged from a secondary consideration for executives to the center of whole business models. I’ve developed professional relationships with Partners at Private Equity and Buy-out firms by helping them streamline operations at their portfolio companies through my knowledge of IT shared-service models. Oftentimes these projects allow PE firms to half their operational costs. Further downstream, those savings are reinvested into innovative projects and product development at their portfolio companies.
– Generic Why MBA/Career Goals Essay Example from past fxMBAConsulting Client

Stern essay 2

stern essay 2


stern essay 2stern essay 2stern essay 2stern essay 2