Social anthropology dissertation examples

In Great Britain and the Commonwealth countries, the British tradition of social anthropology tends to dominate. In the United States, anthropology has traditionally been divided into the four field approach developed by Franz Boas in the early 20th century: biological or physical anthropology ; social , cultural , or sociocultural anthropology ; and archaeology ; plus anthropological linguistics . These fields frequently overlap, but tend to use different methodologies and techniques.

"Studying a postgraduate degree was a necessity for me. After eight years working as a sociologist in different places but always in relation to the cultural realm – in its broader sense – it became evident that I needed to be again in the place where ideas are constantly challenged and are put in movement. Moreover, I felt the curiosity of knowing and understanding more about the latest theories to study the social and cultural phenomena, as well as in which ways the anthropological perspective is helpful in order to understand it. Both of my expectations were totally fulfilled in Goldsmiths and with the perspective that the Masters in Social Anthropology offers.  

Social anthropology dissertation examples

social anthropology dissertation examples


social anthropology dissertation examplessocial anthropology dissertation examplessocial anthropology dissertation examplessocial anthropology dissertation examples