Should abortion illegal essay

Circumstantially, not every pregnancy is a bed of roses. Many have complications; some fetuses have severe disorders that can cause the child to live a very difficult and painful life. Some disorders can be so severe that death is guaranteed after a brief and painful life. Anencephaly, for example is a disorder where the brain is missing. Limb-body wall complex , a disorder where organs grow outside of the body, is equally as horrific, and yet it occurs. It is the woman’s right as a mother to decide what is best for her child. No weight of society or majority moral opinion of philosophers, religious or even state leaders have the right to decide for her. A mother’s right to decide to not put her child through that kind of suffering is her right and her right alone. To deny her a safe option to exercise that right is to deny her of that right in itself.

The above statements from the NAF make an abundance of things clear. First, the relative safety of abortion for the mother depends more on equipment and technique than it does on legality. Second, the future of illegal abortion is not surgical but medical. Women won't be bleeding in the back alley from a punctured uterus. Third, since surgical abortions are performed with the same equipment that is often used to treat spontaneous fetal demise, physicians willing to perform illegal abortions will already have the necessary tools on hand. There is no reason to believe that illegal abortion will be significantly more dangerous for the mother than legal abortion. In the end, the back-alley, coat hanger abortion is nothing more than a convenient myth aimed at sparking emotions and arousing public sympathy. If abortion is outlawed in the future, some abortions will still take place, but relatively few will be fatal to the mother. If abortion remains legal, however, millions of innocent human beings will continue to die–a trade-off that is both tragic and unjust.

You are still confused about “moral authority”.
To imply morality you have to choose a set of standards.
Mine? Nope, I’m a flawed human being.
Yours? Nope, you can’t even figure out the proper use of your own anatomy.
The Government’s? You and I both agree, we don’t trust them.
That leaves only one other source of standards – The Creator of Life’s.
He says “Thou shalt not kill.”
And the first mention of eye for eye, tooth for tooth and life for life in the Bible is refering to the baby in a woman’s womb.

Should abortion illegal essay

should abortion illegal essay


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