Self perception theory essay

Data analysis revealed that when peers are supportive and there is an emphasis on cooperation, effort, and personal improvement, the climate influences variables like basic psychological needs, motivation and enjoyment. The task climate positively predicted the three basic psychological needs (competence, autonomy and relatedness) and so positively predicted self-determined motivation. Task climate and the resulting self-determination were also found to positively influence level of enjoyment the exercisers experienced during the activity.

In the above map outlining the processes, you will see the that there are “rules” next to the “hypothesis generator” box.  These refer to the ways in which basic sensory inputs are categorized and organized. For example, when looking at black and white lines, some of our vision receptors fire at vertical lines and others at horizontal lines. The rules form the patterns that organize the basic sensory input. For example, some neurons fire in response to contrast, which in turn can get processed as motion if patterned in a particular ways, such as in this example. 

So, why should people engage in introspection and self-awareness? There are several benefits to being aware of yourself and your internal processes. Studies have shown that when people are engaged in introspection, they are more likely to make decisions based on their values. And, the more self-aware people are, the more likely they are to stay out of trouble and engage in prosocial behavior. This makes sense; after all, if you are thinking about and aware of what your values are, you are much more likely to match your behavior to them.

Self perception theory essay

self perception theory essay


self perception theory essayself perception theory essayself perception theory essayself perception theory essay