Role of the gods in the odyssey essay

According to an Aztec legend , the moon and the stars were jealous of the sun, or Huitzilopochtli. Therefore Huitzilopochtli used the “serpent of fire” during his birth to defeat them. From that point forward, the stars and the moon continued to battle the sun. Therefore, the Aztecs considered each sunrise to be a celebration of the victory of the sun over the moon and the stars. The human sacrifices made to the Aztec gods were meant in part to help Huitzilopochtli gain strength for this regular battle. Historians believe over 20,000 victims were sacrificed in his honor during the four day period when Tenochtitlan first opened.

The marriage at which the fateful apple is produced is unusual, being between a mortal man and a goddess. The failure to invite Eris, Strife (echoed in the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty), represents a dishonouring comparable with Tyndareus’ treatment of Aphrodite. The implication is that even destructive deities are essential to the psyche and to society, and will make their presence felt if denied. Similarly, strife is a necessary part of marriage. Eris is associated with Ares, god of war, who in turn is amorously connected to Aphrodite.

She is revered as the mother-goddess by representing the maternal spirit in its purest form. She is the divine life giver. She is honored as the great mother of one of the most powerful gods, Horus. She is believed to be the mother of all pharaohs and ultimately, of the whole country of Egypt itself. She assimilated the role of Hathor and depicted nursing the child Horus. She is also revered because she afforded the Egyptians the knowledge of cultivation and the benefits of the Nile River. In fact, it is believed that the annual inundation of the Nile was Isis’ tears because of her husband’s death preceded by the appearance of the star Sept (Sirius) in the sky. This, to date, is known as the yearly celebration known as “The Night of the Drop”.

Role of the gods in the odyssey essay

role of the gods in the odyssey essay


role of the gods in the odyssey essayrole of the gods in the odyssey essayrole of the gods in the odyssey essayrole of the gods in the odyssey essay