Resume for industry phd

Hi Cara,
you certainly could list all of those degrees if they are relevant to the work you are doing – keep reading for the caveat, though. I take it the BSMT is Bachelors of Science in Medical Technology? and BSN is a Bachelors in Nursing? If you’re in a pharma or medical company, then those degrees are definitely relevant. As I’ve said before, however, it is unusual to list Bachelors degrees. My preference would be to put the MBA only. The presumption is you have a Bachelors degree when you list a Masters degree. My other suggestion is to look at what other people in the company do – there often is a standard format for listing credentials. If others list their Bachelors degrees, then list yours. Otherwise, default to only listing your MBA.
Good luck, Julie

Research in the department emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration in initiatives ranging from nanotechnologies, to lean manufacturing and design, to alternative-energy technologies including micro and macro fuel cells, hydrogen power, and wind power. Students benefit from extensive research facilities on campus and at satellite locations. Expenditures for the department’s dynamic research community exceed $13 million annually, typically funded by industry, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, NASA, the Department of Defense, and many other sources. Active research thrust areas include

Resume for industry phd

resume for industry phd


resume for industry phdresume for industry phdresume for industry phdresume for industry phd