Research strategy paper on procrastination

Hey! I am attending my second conference this month and I was assigned Kazakhstan in SOCHUM. I’ve done research on the topics that were chosen (enhancing the standards under police detention, hydro-diplomacy and violence against women & human trafficking). My position paper is due in a week or so and I’m having troubles writing it. I do not know wether or not I have to include the bad things Kazakhstan does in it or do I just mention the things they say they do (even if they don’t really do them)? Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it.

The PRSP process has been scrutinized for increasing aid conditionality even though it was supposedly created to undo the imposition of policy conditions from the outside by increasing country ownership. [2] Some have argued that it is a "process conditionality" not a "content conditionality". This differentiation is important because it means donors are only monitoring if the country has made a PRSP and if it was made in a participitory way. However, this might still pose a problem. Since in the past donors were unable to impose content effectively in the client country's policies, it seems unlikely that donors would be able to impose process standards in making a PRSP. [2] It has already been shown that donor's attempts to influence domestic politics have not been successful in the past. [2] Furthermore, international financial institutions do in fact evaluate PRSP content, not process alone. [8]

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Research strategy paper on procrastination

research strategy paper on procrastination


research strategy paper on procrastinationresearch strategy paper on procrastinationresearch strategy paper on procrastinationresearch strategy paper on procrastination