Referencing poems in an essay

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Literary critic Diana Trilling criticized Ginsberg along with his audience by suggesting that Howl and other Ginsberg works presented an immature view of the modern society. To Trilling, the audience and Ginsberg shared a relationship that had little to do with literature, and she writes that the "Shoddiness" of the poems attested to the fact that they were created to relate to cynical popular culture rather than provide an artistic statement. [11] Along with others in the Beat generation, the popularity of Howl attracted criticism on the tone and style of the Beat poets. Norman Podhortz, in a 1958 article entitled "The Know-Nothing Bohemians", writes that "the plain truth is that the primitivism of the Beat Generation serves first of all as a cover for an anti-intellectualism so bitter that it makes the ordinary American's hatred of eggheads seem positively benign". [12]

Referencing poems in an essay

referencing poems in an essay


referencing poems in an essayreferencing poems in an essayreferencing poems in an essayreferencing poems in an essay