Reading is my passion essay

It was a particular period with Internet starting to get traction amongst users, with webmaster link exchanges (which was important to users to discover content), and I would like to thanks the people I 'met' during this period which includes Ryan Bliss from Digital Blasphemy , Ryan Peters, owner of DecalGirl , Jeff Quick from Moodflow , Mike Bonnell , Eric Knight Holbrook and lots of others. That was a fun period! The actual Internet is no longer the same as it was when 3D- launched, but everything we know always changes, don't you think?

A: Lots of things! The idea is to fund our next season of short stories at a higher pay rate to writers and with freelance professionals working on the ebooks to help us out. We will open a submission call for regular, paid contributors to The Book Smugglers – we will be looking for essays on SFF, Fandom, YA, Comics and popgeekery from all over the world. We also want to get a new look for the website! All with the view to prop up and give more room and visibility to diverse voices. Our mission as Book Smugglers is to discover, share, and amplify stories from diverse authors and perspectives–to make SFF fandom a more inclusive place, reflective of the world we live in (and the speculative other universes beyond).

Leaning forward, I turn off the hot tap and then lie back in the bath, breathing in the delicious scent of vanilla bath essence with a contended sigh as hot water and bubbles caress my skin. I reach for my glass of Prosecco and take a sip, enjoying the cool dry taste and the fizz of the bubbles as they fill my mouth and slide down my throat.
Rain patters against the window and the skylight above me, the autumn sky already darkening at just after 6pm. Inside it’s warm and cozy, soft jazz music drifts from the open door of the adjacent bedroom, the scene well and truly set for whatever may lay ahead. Closing my eyes for a second, my mind wanders to my plans for the evening ahead and my heart leaps with excitement, like a child on the eve of Christmas. Continue reading →

Reading is my passion essay

reading is my passion essay


reading is my passion essayreading is my passion essayreading is my passion essayreading is my passion essay