Rackham dissertation committee guidelines

Her father was the mathematician and polymath John von Neumann , [2] one of the foremost mathematicians and scholars of the 20th century. She is married to Robert Freeman Whitman, professor emeritus of English at the University of Pittsburgh , and has two children and two grandchildren. Her step-brother is George H. Kuper [1] , former president and chief executive officer of the Council of Great Lake Industries and an independent consultant in the areas of public policy, environmental and energy issues. Her son, Dr. Malcolm Whitman, is professor of developmental biology at Harvard University . Her daughter, Dr. L. Whitman, is a specialist in internal medicine and out-patient medical education at Yale University . Dr. L Whitman is married to David L. Downie , a scholar of international environmental policy, who is the son of Leonard Downie, Jr. , the journalist and long-time editor of the Washington Post .

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Rackham dissertation committee guidelines

rackham dissertation committee guidelines


rackham dissertation committee guidelinesrackham dissertation committee guidelinesrackham dissertation committee guidelinesrackham dissertation committee guidelines