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Editor’s Note by Michael J. Matt : The following was published in The Remnant back in 1995, before the promulgation of Pope John Paul’s (when he was very elderly and ill) Luminous Mysteries. It is very fashionable these days to argue that Our Lady never actually appeared to St. Dominic in order to commission him with the task of spreading devotion to the most Holy Rosary.   This entire incident, supported by at least 15 popes and numerous saints, is nevertheless chalked up as yet another one of the “pious legends of old Christendom” of which our Modernist friends are so fond.

But this “legend” is so well substantiated by popes and saints in history that its authenticity cannot be reasonably questioned without revealing at least a Modernist leaning. 
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Saturday, October 7, 2017 New from RTV... Sunday Sermons of South St. Paul. 

Father reminds us of what happened at the Bay of Lepanto back in the 16th century, and he then ties that "lost cause" to the efforts being made to correct Pope Francis--starting with those of the Dubia Cardinals and then moving down to the recent  Filial Correction. What's the connection? What’s the point? What’s the use?  Watch and see.
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Friday, October 6, 2017 Two decades before the current Pope caused open consternation among the faithful by disregarding previous teaching, one of his most beloved predecessors successfully did the same thing with barely any outcry.

In 2003, The Onion was purchased by David Schafer—a businessman who had managed the $ billion investment fund—from previous long time owners Peter Haise and Scott Dikkers. The sale was a process that had been in the works since July 2001 and according to a memo from then owner Haise, "[Schafer] understands our quirky company and knows that we need some time to get to a higher level of operations and sales." [74] In a 2003 CNN profile of The Onion , Schafer stated with regards to the company and the purchase, " The Onion ' s strong point was never accounting, financial management, or business. Buying it was a bit of a shot in the dark, but we felt we could get a handle on it." Also in 2003, editor Robert Siegel quit his day-to-day role at The Onion [41] to focus on writing screenplays full-time. [79] [80] "After the 14,000th headline I felt the itch to use a different part of my brain", he said. "You can go mad thinking in headline form." In the wake of his departure, long time staff writer Carol Kolb [81] assumed the publication's duties as editor of the publication. [16] [58] [79] [80] [81] [82] [83] [84]

Quoting a newspaper in an essay

quoting a newspaper in an essay


quoting a newspaper in an essayquoting a newspaper in an essayquoting a newspaper in an essayquoting a newspaper in an essay