Pride and prejudice thesis marriage

Shortly after completing First Impressions , Austen began writing Sense and Sensibility , which was not published until 1811. She also wrote some shorter stories during this time, which she later expanded into full novels. Between 1810 and 1812, Austen rewrote Pride and Prejudice for publication. While the original ideas in the novel came from a 21-year-old girl, the final version reflects the literary and thematic maturity of a thirty-five year old woman who had spent years painstakingly drafting and revising, as Austen did with all of her novels. Pride and Prejudice is the most popular of Austen's novels.

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Pride and prejudice thesis marriage

pride and prejudice thesis marriage


pride and prejudice thesis marriagepride and prejudice thesis marriagepride and prejudice thesis marriagepride and prejudice thesis marriage