Oliver sacks essay on aging

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Fascinating! Fortunately, I do not suffer from migraines myself, but when I was a child, I found out that I could see these geometrical patterns whenever I rubbed my closed eyes with a fist. I remember once when a friend was over, we both did this, and she said that she experienced the same thing. At the time, what I likened the patterns to were the designs I’d seen on quilts or on types of fabrics. Later, I thought that what was happening was that I was somehow stimulating the light sensors in my eyeball, and that my brain was interpreting these sensations to produce a pattern that seemed familiar to me.

But it may not take coercive suggestion to affect a person’s memories. The testimony of eyewitnesses is notoriously subject to suggestion and to error, frequently with dire effects on the wrongfully accused. 6 With the advent of DNA testing, it is now possible to find, in many cases, an objective corroboration or refutation of such testimony, and Schacter notes that “a recent analysis of forty cases in which DNA evidence established the innocence of wrongly imprisoned individuals revealed that thirty-six of them (90 percent) involved mistaken eyewitness identification.”

Oliver sacks essay on aging

oliver sacks essay on aging


oliver sacks essay on agingoliver sacks essay on agingoliver sacks essay on agingoliver sacks essay on aging