Notes of a native son essay text

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There has been a flourishing of the Native American Indian population: in 2010, million people in the United States identified themselves as American Indian or Alaska Native, either alone or in combination with one or more different races. Out of this total, million people identified themselves as American Indian/Alaska Native alone. The Native American Indian population experienced an increase of 39% , the greatest growth of any population group since 2000.

41% of American Indians live in the West, and 33% in the South. The 2010 Census indicated that the five states with the largest Native American Indian population in order are California, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Alaska, Florida, North Carolina, and South Dakota experienced the greatest growth.

The following chart lists the Top 25 American Indian Tribes by population in the year 2010. These are the original U. S. Census Bureau figures, which indicate those listing one tribe only. Whereas the Cherokee tribe has the largest overall population, the Navajo tribe has the largest population reporting one tribe only.

Notes of a native son essay text

notes of a native son essay text


notes of a native son essay textnotes of a native son essay textnotes of a native son essay textnotes of a native son essay text