Multicultural education essays

International Journal of Multicultural Education  (IJME) is a peer-reviewed open-access journal for scholars, practitioners, and students of multicultural education. Committed to promoting educational equity for diverse students, cross-cultural understanding, and global justice for marginalized people in all levels of education, including leadership and policies, IJME publishes three types of articles: (1) empirical research reports that explicitly address multicultural educational issues and typically engages qualitative research methods in robust manners (if specified in the call for submissions, some special issues may accept quantitative studies); (2) conceptual and theoretical articles, typically grounded on in-depth literature review, which advance theories and scholarship of multicultural education; and (3) praxis articles that discuss successful multicultural education practices grounded on sound theories and literature.  We particularly encourage submissions resulted from meaningful and ethical collaboration among international scholars and practitioners. Submissions that advance from prescreening will be subject to originality-testing and double-blind review. 

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Multicultural education essays

multicultural education essays


multicultural education essaysmulticultural education essaysmulticultural education essaysmulticultural education essays