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On his return to New York, John McConnell wrote an Earth Day Proclamation for worldwide use. It incorporated rights and responsibilities of Earth's people in the care of their planet. It was signed by U. N. Secretary General U Thant, Margaret Mead, John Gardner and other concerned world leaders. Since then, others have added their signatures to show support for its objectives. (Current total: 39) Most recent signatures are those of Yasir Arafat, Yehudi Menuhin and Cosmonaut Anatoli Berezevoi, leaving space for one more signature.

Brown is the co-author of Stages, a self-motivational book filled with inspirational words of wisdom; Saying Nothing, Writing Everything and The Minds’ Chaotic Episodes, collections of poetry where the many emotions of life are captured. She has also released two novels, Somebody Else’s Vows which poses the question of whether or not marriage vows come with a turn off valve for other attractions and its sequel Sexual Suicide which explores the consequences that come from not adhering to the turn off valve. In April, 2012, Brown has now unleashed her purpose as she has obediently released a work that God ordained. Destroying the Mask is a collection of short stories that explores the detriments parents often bring to their children through abuse and neglect. Brown has now penned her first short story to be included in an anthology brought together by Kendra Norman-Bellamy entitled, Love Said Not So with an expected release date of July 2012.

Unfortunately, development professionals typically hesitate to embrace migration as a tool in the fight against poverty, and often they believe the best course of action is to ignore or deny the incredible economic gains associated with the free movement of people. But migration’s tremendous potential should not be neglected. For the average Chinese and the average American, the most effective step toward increasing household income is to relocate to the city. For many people in India, Africa, and Latin America, such a move is difficult due to anti-migrant and anti-urbanization policies adopted by their governments.

John gardner essay

john gardner essay


john gardner essayjohn gardner essayjohn gardner essayjohn gardner essay