Helena and demetrius essay

The Queen and the Cats: A Story of Saint Helena (Calee M. Lee) - Queen Helena has brought the greatest of gifts to the people of Cyprus. But when she tries to present the treasure, the Queen discovers that the local churches have been infested with a deadly problem. It’s up to Queen Helena and a little village girl to come up with a solution that will make the churches safe once more. The Queen and the Cats tells a little-known, but dearly loved story of Saint Helena, mother to Emperor Constantine. After discovering the location of the True Cross in the Holy Land, Saint Helena visited the island of Cyprus. Featuring 24 full-color illustrations and a charming story that will introduce young readers to the lives of the saints. Recommended for ages 4-8.

Helena and demetrius essay

helena and demetrius essay


helena and demetrius essayhelena and demetrius essayhelena and demetrius essayhelena and demetrius essay