Hanna montana essay

Chris William of Entertainment Weekly graded the show a B+ and commented that, despite her age (at the time fourteen), Cyrus was a determined and likable performer who was able to command the stage the entire show. He continued to compare her to Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne stylistically and musically, respectively. [28] Jim Abbott of the Orlando Sentinel believed the Best of Both Worlds Tour was as entertaining as concerts performed by Spears or the Backstreet Boys , adding that the show's quality made past Hilary Duff concerts "look like something in a mall food court." [21] However, Abbott also stated that Cyrus was unable to duplicate the energy of Hannah Montana. [21] Kelefa Sanneh of The New York Times expected to be let down by the concert after the commotion and hype built for it, but was not. She said, "The show was terrific: a two-hour sugar rush and one long challenge to fans, who had to keep up with Ms. Cyrus's hectic pace." [25] Regarding Cyrus, Sanneh stated she was a likable singer, being able to emphasize on certain words and that her demeanor on stage portrayed her as a "hard-working, sweet-natured troublemaker. There's something slightly disruptive about her bright smile [...] And she brings a welcome hint of chaos to everything she does." [25] J. Freedom du Lac of The Washington Post described the concert as "a nearly 90-minute blast of pop in which the charismatic Cyrus – who complained that she wasn't feeling well – commanded the stage with confidence, performing with a particular swagger." [24] Mikael Wood of the Los Angeles Times described the show to be operated at a "frenzied fever pitch" and be only appealing to children, confusing adults with its presentation. [29]

In 1989 and in 1991, the Cinderella community was shaken by the passing of its two founders, Craig Toler, Executive Director of the Cinderella Scholarship Program and Carl Dunn, the President of International Productions and Publications, Inc., the parent company of Cinderella. After the passing of its founders, Cinderella was put under the leadership of Fred Vollman , Jr. and its talented Executive Staff, led by Donna Breen. With their dedication and creativity, the Cinderella Scholarship Program prepared itself to enter the 21st century as the undisputed leader in the pageant industry.

Hanna montana essay

hanna montana essay


hanna montana essayhanna montana essayhanna montana essayhanna montana essay