Good friend bad friend essay

I am really stressing out now. I seem to be like a lot of points you just described! But I really dont backstab or gossip about my good friends. It is just that friendship has always been one of my top priorities and that I expected too much. So when a friend didnt act like I though they would (like waiting for me like I waited for them so we could walk together to class, or offering them food when they forgot their lunch, or when they had their hard times, I always talked about it with them so they would feel better) So when they really didnt “give” me anything back like the “give and get” thing I got upset and that later became anger (and it sounds like the dictator point). I also seemto be wanting their attention all the time and I also dont like it when they make new friends, but I have been working on that! Its just that Im afraid that I will upset my friends if I dont give them that attention, but I guess that was only because I didnt want them to be going through what I had gone through… even though they were the one that made me go through the time when I felt like nobody cared about me. Also one of my friends is a totally know-it-all while I have way better grades than her, so that adds why I have been dictator-ish. What should I do? Also when hard times came, I was ready to punch someone if they were going to punch my friend(this is about a other friend), and also I was gonna stick by my friends side in case there would be a fight with words. But when the time came, my friend didnt help me! But she is also very very socially-awkward. Ugh its just that I have beeeeen veryyyyy supportive and never really got anything in return, which made me like this now.

Poetry in motion, I return to the tale of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. There they were, all lined up in front of my desk – behind which I sat, on the swivel office chair on which I am perched now – hanging their heads in shame, as I admonished each in turn for his scornful behaviour: The Good for not being quite good enough; The Bad for being The Boy With The Pierced Ear, and The Ugly for resembling The Unmentionable With The Dragon Tattoo! In fairness to the latter, he may not actually have been a girl, but his appalling behaviour made one as irate as I usually become at the thought of having a girl about the place!

Eastwood was not initially pleased with the script and was concerned he might be upstaged by Wallach, and said to Leone, "In the first film I was alone. In the second, we were two. Here we are three. If it goes on this way, in the next one I will be starring with the American cavalry". [17] As Eastwood played hard-to-get in accepting the role (inflating his earnings up to $250,000, another Ferrari [18] and 10% of the profits in the United States when eventually released there), Eastwood was again encountering publicist disputes between Ruth Marsh, who urged him to accept the third film of the trilogy, and the William Morris Agency and Irving Leonard, who were unhappy with Marsh's influence on the actor. [17] Eastwood banished Marsh from having any further influence in his career and he was forced to sack her as his business manager via a letter sent by Frank Wells. [17] For some time after, Eastwood's publicity was handled by Jerry Pam of Gutman and Pam. [14] Throughout filming, Eastwood regularly socialized with actor Franco Nero , who was filming Texas, Adios at the time. [19]

Good friend bad friend essay

good friend bad friend essay


good friend bad friend essaygood friend bad friend essaygood friend bad friend essaygood friend bad friend essay