Eyewitness testimony psychology essay

The Pentagon Memorial commemorates the 184 lives lost in the Pentagon and on American Airlines Flight 77 during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The Memorial encompasses acres on the western side of the Pentagon Building, adjacent to Route 27 including a park and gateway that spans approximately two acres with 184 memorial units, each dedicated to an individual victim. The memorial units are benches that are each engraved at the end with the individual's name, hovering above a pool of water that glows with light at night.

So, I’m sorry, but you don’t just get to say possibility is enough. We need probable reasons to think these things. I don’t think you’ve given a single reason to assume any of this is probable. On the other hand, we do have reasons to think my assertions are probable. You asked for evidence for things like why I think Matthew and Luke copied from Mark. This is all very basic scholarship and well established. I’m not going to recount the work of the past 300 years of textual criticism. You’ll have to take the time to study these matters and see if you find them convincing. I can offer suggestions of where to start, if you’re interested. Please keep in mind that New Testament scholars, who are almost all Christian, would have no real issues with what I’ve presented. I meant this as an educational piece about scholarly opinion of the gospels. It is not just some atheistic rant. There is noting I’ve said here that negates or belittles Christianity. It is simply trying to impart understanding that there were relatively few eyewitnesses and they were concentrated around Jerusalem. It is not probable that these writers ever met any of them.

Eyewitness testimony psychology essay

eyewitness testimony psychology essay


eyewitness testimony psychology essayeyewitness testimony psychology essayeyewitness testimony psychology essayeyewitness testimony psychology essay