Examples of career goal essays

I want my career objectives for the chosen course to include Lesotho National Strategic Development Plan-Programme od Ation Priority Area of action Good Governance-Governance and Istitutions: The objective is to improve effectiveness of oversight bodies to promote accountability and deal effectively with corruption, improve capacity for conflict resolution, promote social cohesion and partriotism and enhance the capacity of private sector and non-state actors to achieve their goals and participate effectively in policy development and promote tri-partism. I also need to develop my career objectives along that of National Strategic Development Objectives-promotion of peace democracy, good governance and effective institutions and improve health, combat HIV/AIDS and reduce social vulnerable. Urgently help how I can infuse the national objectives into my career objectives.

Some people enjoy the challenge of building and fixing things, rather than maintaining them. Becoming an expert in a particular field lets you offer your skills as a consultant. Depending on your area of expertise, you can help companies improve their financial management, human resources activities, information technology systems, marketing, production processes or sales. A career as a consultant gives you the choice to become a small business owner or to work for a consulting company, which lets you focus on your work, rather than running a business.

Mostly, they ask about your career goals because they want to hire someone who will be excited about the job and where it will lead them, whether that’s to a specific higher-level position in three years, or just increased satisfaction with the work they’re doing over a shorter period of time. Interviewers want to know that you’re not just applying for jobs randomly and taking whatever you can get, but rather that you’re someone who has put thought into why this particular job makes sense for you. No company wants to hire someone who will likely get bored or leave as soon as something else comes along. Why is this important to a company? Because making a bad hire—say, someone who doesn’t fit in with the company culture, or someone who (it turns out) doesn’t have the necessary skills—costs real money. Replacing someone who leaves (soon after being hired) can cost a company an astronomical amount, so there is a real incentive for hiring managers to make good, thoroughly thought-out hiring decisions.

Examples of career goal essays

examples of career goal essays


examples of career goal essaysexamples of career goal essaysexamples of career goal essaysexamples of career goal essays