Essays written on deadly

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Long ago in the 70’s, as a flight attendant for TWA, I participated in a 747 evacuation at JFK. We were returning from Madrid with a full aircraft of vacationing passengers. The evacuation was a “cluster”. I won’t go into the details. Suffice it to say, we would have been injury free were it not for the sliced legs and feet of passengers following a lady who threw her duty free bag down the slide which contained several bottles of booze. Everyone needs to take an evacuation seriously. Leave your luggage on the plane.

Second, you may want to propose student projects to try this themselves. Two models come to mind. You could bring some fragments of a past social world (photos, everyday tools, items of clothing, religious paraphernalia) into class and ask students to imagine what those fragments might mean. Alternatively, you might ask the students to gather some evidence themselves. Students might work in teams, each of which could focus on a particular social and cultural community from a particular period. Some of the students could collect objects that relate to this community. Some might also interview an elderly person from that community. Each student should keep a record of the process of discovery, a “field journal” detailing what clues were discovered, and, in the case of an interview, what the process of selecting the person, getting permission, and talking to the person was like. What issues came up in the process itself? How are they putting clues together? The team could organize a poster presenting the social world of that community, in the period of time they have chosen, and the clues they used to learn about it. Or the team might create a 5-minute i-movie to present the project.

Essays written on deadly

essays written on deadly


essays written on deadlyessays written on deadlyessays written on deadlyessays written on deadly