Essay on kathleen sebelius

Laura Kinsale in her essay "The Androgynous Reader" in Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women cites the heroine of Shanna as proof that the average romance reader is not identifying with the heroine, but rather as a placeholder for themselves to be with the hero, for a "sillier and more wrongheaded heroine than Shanna would be difficult to imagine...Feminists need not tremble for the reader--she does not identify with, admire, or internalize the characteristics of either a stupidly submissive or an irksomely independent heroine. The reader thinks about what she would have done in the heroine's place. [11]

During the drive from the airport the driver shared with the CHRO that he’s an Uber driver when he’s not working as an independent contractor in technology for multiple companies. The driver explained that he’d learned that there was a lot of project work available – he just uses his phone to log into the available virtual talent marketplaces to bid on jobs that interest him and that meet his pay, location, and schedule needs. He’d even done some work for the CHRO’s company, and recently won a competition created by a software company to get the public to help it solve a tricky coding problem. While he didn’t have health or other benefits, he proudly told the CHRO that he was making more money now than he had before being laid off in 2008 during the recession.

Essay on kathleen sebelius

essay on kathleen sebelius


essay on kathleen sebeliusessay on kathleen sebeliusessay on kathleen sebeliusessay on kathleen sebelius