Education system of india essay

Why India still stood as a developing country but not as a developed country? This question can gain answer by viewing our education system at present. Many surveys are showing that our education system has no much importance in this trend. What is the real meaning of education? Simply memorizing the facts and vomiting in the exams? No, The real education means learning facts and thinking about it in an innovative manner that where it is useful and where to apply. When we think about History of Indian Education System in India ensures are many present education system advantages and disadvantages.

Hi attia….
today rural students are facing problems like…. very low quality of teaching…. and also teaching staf itself is a problem over their… nower days rural schools are even not having a complete teaching staf… and if the staf is available then they some are not taking teaching proffesion as serious…. it means teachers are not takun a child life serious…. i m srry bt i self experienced it … i was a kendriya Vidyalaya student where i got a proper and satisfied teaching but when ever in my child hood i went to my village i use to go to my cousins school and their i find a big difference in the quality of teaching…. the schools are less equiped with the source of teaching material and staff as well… there we find no deciplin in any manner …
i suggest if we are getting sucess in bringing deciplin amongst students and teachers we can surly sucess in educating every child for that we all to work really hard….
if u had any thing to ask u r free to text me…..

Pakistan is not the only country which is facing challenges regarding promotion of literacy and meeting EFA and MDGs commitments. Education remains a subject which is paid least attention in the whole South Asian region. UNDP report 2014 suggests that there has been an improvement in other elements of human development such as life expectancy, per capita income and human development index value (in past 3 years); but there has been no progress in the number of schooling years. The expected average for years of schooling in 2010 was years but the actual average of schooling remained for all South Asian countries. In the year 2013 the expected average of number of years increased to but the actual average of years of schooling of South Asian countries remained .  Regional cooperation mechanism can also be developed to promote literacy in South Asian region. Sharing success stories, making country-specific modifications and their implementation can generate positive results.

Education system of india essay

education system of india essay


education system of india essayeducation system of india essayeducation system of india essayeducation system of india essay