Choosing a title for your thesis

If you already have some (blog)posts that rank well for good terms, you will know how many visitors these posts attract. Using Google Trends to compare the focus keywords of older posts (of which at least the number of visitors to your website is known) with the focus keyword you have in mind for your new post, could give you some idea about the potential of traffic this new focus keyword could have. Make sure to choose older posts that are most similar to the post you’re planning to write: if you’re planning to choose a long tail keyword, compare posts with long tail focus keywords as well.

Although it was fun selecting accessories for my planner, it was even more fun to assemble it. I began by punching the pages with the specialty punch. It sliced through eight pages real easily. Then I wondered if it would cut through plastic quilting template. As you can tell from the above photo, that wasn’t a problem. What about chipboard? Well, that was more of a challenge. You can only use thin chipboard. Sheet protector? Yes, but if you don’t punch a piece of paper at the same, the little bits of vinyl get hung up in the punch. So, that was a learning experience.

I wrote my first book which consisted of a compilation of my experiences growing up and sent it to a friend of a friend in the industry just to get an idea as to whether they thought it was total crap or had some appeal. I was happy to hear they thought it had some promise but she also thought my title might mislead the reader. I thought the title was a great hook it is very original and I think people would pick it up to see what its about and when you read the introduction and put 2 and 2 together with the title and you get a great laugh. The industry professional agreed that once you read the intro the title makes sense and its really funny but thinks the reader will expect more humorous stories about that particular thing as opposed to more humorous stories about a variety of things.
she believes the book is very humorous but wants me to change the title. I am a novice but I think if you pick up this book your not putting it back down. What do you think?

Choosing a title for your thesis

choosing a title for your thesis


choosing a title for your thesischoosing a title for your thesischoosing a title for your thesischoosing a title for your thesis