Cataloging thesis and disertation

Comments: If a thesis is written to fulfill more than one degree program (., the joint . in Marine Biology and . in Marine Policy), use this field to record information about the second degree. If a thesis or dissertation is published in an interdisciplinary department, use this field to record the full name of the department. For theses from the Department of Quaternary and Climate Studies, use this field to record the following note: As of 2002, Degree of Master of Science (MS) Quaternary and Climate Studies published under the auspices of the Climate Change Institute. (Ex. http:///etd/1701/ )

After an ETD is cataloged, the preservation copy of microfiche will be cataloged as an "add-on" to the record describing the original ETD. Up until the advent of ETDs, only . dissertations were microfilmed. These were provided to us by University Microfilms (UMI) as part of their dissertation service. With ETDs, an archival print copy was also desired, and so a decision was made to have Master's theses microfilmed as well. All microfiche copies are now considered as archival copies and are stored off-site and shelved alphabetically. These should receive automatic (XX) call numbers with Class Scheme of MFTHESIS, Library SPECOLL, and home location MICROFORMS. This class scheme enables the display of a generic note in place of the call number in our public catalog ("Microform NCSU Thesis/Dissertation"). Please DO NOT add |z with a count of microfiches (. "1-3 microfiches").

Theses & Dissertations Cataloging in RDA: Note that all new theses and dissertations are digitized and handled directly in Trace (our Institutional Repository), represented by non-MARC records (MODS). So these guidelines will mainly apply to older MARC records for items that are being migrated or whose metadata is being enhanced, not for original cataloging. As older dissertations are digitized and added to Trace, the Digitization Lab will request that the Catalogers (point person for ETDs being  Robin Cox ) add an 856 for the digitized version. During this update process, the following remediation/enhancement guidelines should be applied as well.

Cataloging thesis and disertation

cataloging thesis and disertation


cataloging thesis and disertationcataloging thesis and disertationcataloging thesis and disertationcataloging thesis and disertation