Bboy thesis

As I stated before, I study Africa. From all the information I’ve gathered, it points to North African people in the past, being majority black. As I stated before, the word (Negro was attached to the ancient berbers of North Africa, not SSA). That was a law by the very people who dealt with the North Africans face to face. The very same people who call North Africa Caucasian today, said they were the N-word less than 200yrs ago. There are books that state how ironic it is, that today it’s the light skin people who are called the moor, and not the dark.

Having been a high performing Rhythmic Gymnast and a sports coach to a variety of abilities, ages, cultures and backgrounds, this has significantly shaped who I am. These experiences greatly influenced my academic choices which led to studying Sport (BA Hons) at Durham University. As my knowledge of sport psychology grew, I soon realised how much influence it had on my own career as a gymnast and a coach. This led me to further pursue my academic studies, graduating with an MSc in Sport Psychology from University of Roehampton and embarking on the BASES SE Accreditation pathway. I have had experience with GB Rowing, Professional Football players, Junior GB Volleyball athletes, research, publications and more.

Bboy thesis

bboy thesis


bboy thesisbboy thesisbboy thesisbboy thesis